2017 Racing Overview

  • July 12th, 2017


My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to run more. I went out New Year’s Day and ran a 50K training run. To break down what more means:

– More training miles
– More awareness for The Herren Project
– More fun
– More enjoyment
– More gratitude
– Meet more runners
– More learning
– More reflection
More races


Inov-8 #GetAGrip Challenge

I am also very grateful and excited to have the support of Inov-8 for my peak season race challenges – the Chase The Moon 12-Hour Endurance Run, Pikes Peak Marathon, and the Vermont 50K.

2017 Race Schedule & Results

January 15th – Rock N’ Roll Arizona Marathon – 2:59, 37th Overall

Phoenix was a city I had never visited, but it is a quick and affordable flight from Denver. The race was well organized, and my hotel was 50 feet for the starting line. Rock N’ Roll Arizona had a definite city marathon vibe, but still low key enough to not to wear you down by the sheer spectacle. A good size to me.

As for my race, I’m happy with this as a start-of-the-year tune-up. Really grinded the last mile and a half out to just break three hours. I managed this off of 12 weeks of training averaging a very low 25 miles a week – and took my birthday week off to ski in December. My goal was a 2:55, but that was a bit ambitious for being undertrained and overweight.

RNR Arizona Marathon

2:59 in the Almost Clydesdale Division

Reflecting on this marathon – I have decided next season to focus on a real sharpening up physiologically for a fast one (maybe use the BQ for Boston next year), but let us hold off on that for now.

June 10th – South Park Trail Marathon, 4:31, 3368 feet, 4th Overall

South Park, yes like, “They killed Kenny!” South Park.

This is a tough course – starts in Fairplay at very close to 10,000 feet… and climbs up from there. Due to the snow the course was a bit short – but we still managed to climb above slightly above 12,000 feet before the turnaround.

I was quite thrashed more than a mile from the top, trudging throw the snow like a zombie. I recovered, but also went off course for ~5 minutes somewhere back in one of the neighborhoods.

Race Director John LaCroix (who has finished an absurd amount of 100 mile races) makes a great burger and throws great low key trail races. Sign up for one sometime.

June 24th – Mueller 25K, 2:15, 2682 feet, 5th Overall

Another tough course ran at around 9,500 feet altitude – another good Pikes Peak Marathon practice. Whereas the previously mentioned South Park Trail Marathon is an out-and-back with a long steady climb up, and long steady descent back – Mueller has big ups and downs scattered along the way.

I ran a good, in control race here, and had some fun with it.

The winner of this race (and destroyer of the field) – Azarya Weldemariam – is a former silver medalist at the World Mountain Running Championships. He also came in 3rd at Bolder Boulder this year.

July 7th – Chase The Moon 12 Hour Endurance Race – 62 miles (100K) – Six Full Laps, 11:23, 3rd Overall

Chase The Moon is a 12 hour overnight trail race in Highlands Ranch, CO. I was so excited to receive the new TRAILROC 285 (and new kit) from Inov-8 a couple days before this race. I didn’t get any time to break them in, but I gave them a go at the race anyway.

Chase The Moon - 3rd Overall

Chase The Moon – 3rd Overall

So yes, I wore brand new shoes. And brand new clothes. To a 12-hour overnight race. Find out what happened… [Race Summary Coming Soon]

August 20 – Pikes Peak Marathon

My second Pikes Peak Marathon. This race is my mountain/ultra/trail labor of love. Find out why… [Training & Race Summary Coming Soon]

September 24 – Vermont 50K

This will be my 3rd Vermont 50K. This was my first love in terms of ultra trail races. My goal this year is to best my winning time from 2015.

September 30 – TARC Fall Classic 50K

Boston’s Trail Animals Running Club was my introduction to ultra running. Their philosophy to running and community was so different, and so refreshing – that it was at least partially a catalyst for a lot of life changing decisions.

This race is tentative – but since I’m planning on being out east – I might as well give this one a go.

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