$35/Week Shopping: Week 5

  • August 17th, 2014

Here we are! The final week of posting (at least for a while).

If you checked out the Week 4 review, then you know I mentioned getting away from overloading with carbs from my staples: rice and bread. Due to the fact I did not purchase any meat for Week 4, I ended up going vegetable omelet crazy, using a lot of peppers and onions. After reading a bit on lower carb diets of accomplished ultra runners – I decided that if I could get more protein for cheaper I would.

The first two males - neither won the race.

The first two males – neither won the race.

Week 5 concluded with me running my first ultramarathon – the TARC Summer Classic 50K – a 3rd place overall (2nd male) finish. So, luckily for me, one can train and run an ultra on $35 per week for groceries.

My shopping in Week 5 still revolved around Super 88 Market for produce. I did not buy items that I didn’t use, however – no tomatos or cabbage, for example.

I also took a peak at the rest of the store – to find a bunch of things I have never seen in my life: pork stomach, live tilapia, quail eggs, and much more. Manager’s Specials for this week included a ton of oranges but I decided to pass – getting the usual.

I shopped around in total this week – Super 88, Star Market, Target, Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s.

One big difference was a whimsical (but fruitful) return to Wegman’s. After a long run at Blue Hills Reservation, I decided to stop in at Wegman’s in Chestnut Hill. Blueberries were going for $6.99/2lb. which was as low as I’ve seen. A woman picking through the selection informed me that two weeks prior she had seen them as low as $4.99/2lb.! Wow. Oops. Wegman’s, I counted you out too early.

After picking up blueberries, I headed to the back to find $1.99/lb. boneless skinless chicken thighs. The catch is you have to buy multiple pounds – but I sprung for it. Earlier in the week, I looked at Whole Foods and cheapest chicken thighs were about $4.89/lb.

Reese's in celebration of the final week!

Reese’s in celebration of the final week!

Week 5 Haul:

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs – 3.81 lb. @ $1.99/lb. – $7.58
Blueberries – 2lb. – $6.99
Bananas (not pictured) – 4 medium – $0.88

Total: $15.45 (44% of total)

Trader Joe’s
Large White Eggs – 1 dozen – $1.99

Total: $1.99 (5.6% of total)

Dried Pinto Beans – 2 @ $1.77/each – $3.54

Total: $3.54 (10.1% of total)

Star Market
Dry Roasted Peanuts – 1 lb. – $2.50
Reese’s Mini (King Size) – 3 – $1.00/each – $3.00
Vermont Bread Company Whole Wheat Bread – 1 loaf – $2.99

Total: $8.49 (24.2% of total)

Super 88 Market
White Onions – 3 – $1.90
Bananas – ~3 lb. – $1.00
Potatoes – ~3 lb. – $1.00
Green Bell Pepper – 0.61 lb. @ $0.99/lb. – $1.58
Cucumber – 2 – $0.79/each – $1.58

Total: $6.08 (17.3% of total)

Grand Total: $35.55 (101.5%)

First week I went over – by $0.55. Sometimes you just have to live (see Reese’s).

I bought peanuts in an attempt to make peanut butter. First try was pretty meh. If I get anywhere I will let you know!

The final week (at least for now) of the experiment. I will be spinning up a conclusion at some point – some final thoughts, breakdowns of calories and nutrition, relationships to running performance, etc. And I will get a couple more darn recipes up.

I am also going to continue to evolve and put this framework to use – though I will go a bit lax on the cost, at least for a little while. As I mentioned, I am moving soon and preparing for future adventures and experiments. So thank you for reading, and special thank you for all the suggestions. More so than anything, it helped me transform my diet! Thanks again!


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  1. fabian says:

    Would you happen to have anymore of these recipes up? I’m moving out soon and i’ll need all the help i can get haha

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