Recipe – Caveman Coffee

  • February 16th, 2015

I am in love addicted to coffee. Specifically, black iced coffee. No sugar, no cream. Just ice. Being from the Boston area, this is not that uncommon of a request – though in my travels it has raised an eyebrow once or twice.

So while I don’t usually put stuff in my coffee, an idea that has picked up steam lately is Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is coffee, plus butter and MCT oil (or coconut oil).

The “inventor” of this concept – Dave Asprey – has created all sorts of expensive products to cash-in on this fatty coffee. One product claims to be a superb version of coffee. Another claims to be a super-charged MCT oil. When blending these products together – you got it – they provide a miracle diet meal replacement. Yeah, right.

Well, luckily, making Bulletproof Coffee does not have to consist of buying a bunch of expensive “special” stuff. I’ll call my own generic version Caveman Coffee.

Why “Caveman Coffee”? I don’t know, really. I think the paleo thing is funny, there is no way a caveman drank coffee. Or had access to MCT oil. Or coconut oil. Or butter. So that’s the joke – though I am also a bit of a caveman, according to 23andMe – see below:

Caveman Coffee - DNA
I’m a caveman – your world frightens and confuses me (23andMe)


Okay, so let’s face it – there’s no way coffee, butter and oil are a miracle diet – or even a meal replacement (lacks micronutrients).

However, I think it tastes great and can be a nice part of breakfast for those involved in low carb, high fat diets (such as me, currently).

Important: You’ll need a blender. I used to try to mix this stuff together without one – and the result was terrible.

Caveman Coffee in Blender
A blender is required

Here’s my version of the Bulletproof Caveman Coffee:

  • 2 – 4 cups of freshly brewed organic coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil (or MCT oil)
  • 1 tablespoon of organic butter, preferrably unsalted
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, for flavor


1. Brew your organic coffee – 2 for 4 cups – depending on consumption preference

2. Pour coffee into blender

3. Add coconut oil (or MCT oil), butter, and vanilla extract.

4. Blend until frothy

Bulletproof Coffee
With ice, of course

And that’s it. You have yourself some delicious Caveman Coffee. Without spending $60+ for special “Bulletproof” stuff.

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