• June 10th, 2014

Quite regularly, Twitter has been sending me emails about what’s happening on Twitter. No thank you, Twitter – I’ll just check Twitter.

If you agree with me that sending marketing email updates is a bizarre strategy for the company, then you are likely not surprised that it’s stock has taken a hit in recent weeks. I’m not sure that Wall Street understands the platform’s potential. Then again, I’m no longer sure Twitter understands Twitter’s potential.

Twitter is an elegant and open platform. It is what you make it. And over the course of Twitter’s relatively short existence, millions of users have creatively found ways to extract utility from it. Businesses use Twitter to grow – without paying the service anything. Businesses have also been built directly on top of the service.

For many, Twitter is a self-curated news source. It can also be used to break news stories – almost instantly, right as they happen.

For others, it is used to market their business. It can be used as a line of customer service communication. It is a valuable source of research data. And of marketing data.

It is commonly used as a way to connect and interact with like-minded individuals. Your stream of information can reflect your interests and personality. Or it could reflect your business. Or you can follow no one and just broadcast. It can be a pulpit, an echo chamber or a megaphone. Or none of those things.

So, Twitter, want to monetize your platform? Be creative. The millions who use Twitter every week have already shown you the way.

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