$35/Week – Week 1: Groceries In Review

  • July 20th, 2014

As I put Week 1 of my experiment to a close, it’s important to look back at the results of what I purchased for this week. In the previous post I mentioned that in this initial week’s shop I had not given it too much thought – instead just relying on old habits and instincts. As you will see it, it shows a bit!


Here’s my thoughts on each item:

Cage-Free Extra Large Brown Eggs – Dozen – $3.29

Used 6 eggs. Made egg sandwiches some mornings. Bread, eggs, chia seeds. A staple food of this current diet.

Whole Grain White Bread – $2.49

Used entire loaf. I plan on buying organic whole grain bread next time. Bread is another staple of my current diet.

Organic Cut and Peeled Carrots – $1.69

Used completely. Not against buying carrots again ever, but did not incorporate the carrots into recipes. They were a snack food that complimented the existing Ranch dip I had in my refrigerator. Not likely to buy.

Corn on the Cob – 2 ears – $0.49/each

Still in my cupboard. Will use, but will not buy again.

Organic Spinach Tomato Pizza – $4.49

Still in my freezer. Will not spoil anytime soon but will not be returning to frozen “almost prepped” foods.

Multigrain Breakfast Waffles – $1.99

Used completely. Will not buy again now that I have no maple syrup left. At $6 – $8, maple syrup is too expensive.

Roasted Red Hummus – $2.99

Used completely. Ate as a snack with the pita chips but also incorporated into a version of the Sriracha Rice & Beans I made. Will buy again – but not a staple.

Salted Pita Chips – $1.99

Used completely. Ate only as a snack. Pretty empty calories and felt at $2 the bag was a bit small. Will not buy again.

99% Fat-Free Beans & Rice Burritos – 2 – $2.49

Used both burritos. Good – but I will make my own. Will not buy again.

Butter Lettuce – 7oz. bag – $2.49

Still in my refrigerator. Perishable, and basically water in a solid, edible state. Will not buy again.

Chunky Salted Peanut Butter – 2 jars – $2.49/each

Used both jars. I am really stuck on peanut butter sandwiches. Perhaps I am a kindergartener again. Whatever it is, they do the trick. A staple.

Clif Bars, Assorted Flavors  – 5 – $0.99/each

Used all five bars. Will buy again – but could also go without them.



There you have it – my habits are changing. Outside of the really core staples of bread, eggs and peanut butter, I only bought two items that I may buy again. As you will see in my next shop, I did not even re-buy those items.

To come are my Week 1 recipes. I tried three things out – one is not worth posting. And the other two involve sriracha!

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7 responses to “$35/Week – Week 1: Groceries In Review”

  1. PepsiLazy says:

    Cagefree-Eggs (Eier aus Bodenhaltung): 1.79 Euro ($2.42)
    Whole Grain White Bread (Ganzes Weißbrot): 0.99 Euro ($1.34)
    Organic Cut and Peeled Carrots (Karotten*): 0.99 Euro ($1.34)
    Corn on the Cob (Maiskolben): 1.29 Euro ($1.75)
    Organic Spinach Tomato Pizza (Spinat-Tiefkuehlpizza): 2.29 Euro ($3.10)
    Multigrain Breakfast Waffles (Frühstückswaffeln): -**
    Roasted Red Hummus (Kichererbsenpüree?): 1.99 Euro ($2.69)
    Salted Pita Chips (Tortilla Chips*): 0.99 Euro ($1.34)
    99% Fat-Free Beans & Rice Burritos (Bohnen & Reis-Burritos): -**
    Butter Lettuce (70z.) (Salatmischung 200g*): 2.28 Euro ($3,09)
    Chunky Salted Peanut Butter (Erdnussbutter): 1.89 Euro ($2.56)
    Clif Bars, Assorted Flavors (Energieriegel?): ⌀1.29 Euro ($ 1.75)

    [15.79 Euro ($21.38)]
    And know let’s find replacements for the missing products

    Breakfast Waffles:
    A bit difficult to replace one product of a typical breakfast with a typical German one. I think, I choose buns with lunchmeat:
    10 buns (Brötchen) for 2.90 Euro ($3.93) and packed salamislices (Salami in Scheiben) for ~ 1.19 Euro ($1.61)
    The burritos sound like a classic instant meal so I choose baguettes (Bistro Baguettes or just belegte Baguettes, but I can’t find an English word to say, there is some tasty stuff on the baguette; nevermind) for about 2.49 Euro ($3.37)
    Let’s sum this up and we have the final result:
    22.37 Euro ($30.29)

    * Similar product
    ** No corrosponding product found (online)

  2. Blaine Brown says:

    Try using the red pepper hummus as a spread on bread with some other veggies (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pepper, whatever you have). It is delicious.

  3. Anon says:

    You can make your own syrup for pancakes and waffles. 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, bring to a boil, (say 1 c sugar and 1/2c water) add a bit of flavoring (maple) and remove from heat. Store excess in the fridge and reheat as needed. You can also skip the flavoring if it’s not something you have on hand, and just toss in some blueberries or nuts or whatever you want to flavor the syrup. Just sayin – I’d hate to have to give up my waffles. 🙂

  4. Jane says:

    I make my own healthy breakfast waffles, and they end up being a lot cheaper than store-bought. I make a dozen or so at a time and unfreeze as needed. I’m also a kindergartner at heart and eat a LOT of peanut butter – I actually put it and jelly/preserves on the waffles instead of syrup. Just a thought!


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