$35/Week – Week 1 Recipes: Sriracha All The Things

  • July 24th, 2014
Sriracha tweet in BuzzFeed

Sriracha tweet in BuzzFeed

Sriracha all the things! BuzzFeed agrees!

I tried to develop three recipes this week. The first was a chickpea salad that used old butter lettuce. While it wasn’t horrible – chickpeas, old butter lettuce, Italian salad dressing, hummus and chia seeds – it really wasn’t worth breaking down and sharing.

Instead, I will share the next two recipes I developed – successfully – which happened to both use sriracha quite liberally. They are both very basic – but provide a nice base for which to work off of. I have already added different ingredients in future versions – and there is a lot you can do with them.

Maybe these recipes will even come in handy for those attending the Electronic Sriracha Festival. Um, yeah, a festival that combines EDM and sriracha. Anyway… the recipes.

Sriracha Rice & Beans

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Sriracha Rice & Beans

This is the first, very basic version of a cost-effective yet nutritious and energy packed meal.

Someone told me that rice and beans were the poor man’s energy food. And they are right, I was able to find some white rice leftover and work and put this recipe together for around 99 cents. It was quite delicious – and coming in at about 800 calories, could feed two.

As you will see, I made it at work with the help of only the microwave. In future version, I will chop up vegetables and add some other spices but here you get the very basic idea.

Basic Ingredients

1.5 cups of rice
.75 cups of refried beans
Liberal amount of sriracha

A couple simple steps

1. I took the leftover office rice into a tupperware container I brought to work. It needed a little bit of revitalizing so I hit it with a little water from the sink and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

2. Apply the sriracha liberally. Heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Stir it up and enjoy!

Future add-in ingredients

Orange or red peppers, chopped
Chopped tomato
Garlic powder
Chia seeds

The great thing about this recipe is it is cheap, calorie packed and fairly nutritious. It is also easy to make vegan/vegetarian. Just depends on the refried beans you have.

Sriracha Garlic Tuna Salad

Garlic Sriracha Tuna Salad

Garlic Sriracha Tuna Salad

I had to google whether sriracha and garlic went well together – and apparently they do because this one was delicious. I should have known… sriracha seems to be good on everything!

Back in the day, I worked at Ben and Bill’s “NY Style” Deli inside of a Price Chopper. This guy Charlie had been working in restaurants for years – and one tip he gave me was to go light on mayonnaise in tuna salad (or egg salad). He’s right. It really doesn’t need that much.

I used two tablespoons of mayonnaise for two cans of tuna.

It also makes sense to go light on salt and pepper initially. After you stir everything together initially, then add more if need be.

Tuna in Olive Oil, 2 cans
Olive Oil Mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons
Minced Garlic, 1 tablespoon
Sriracha, “liberal amount”


1. Sprinkle some salt and pepper at the bottom of bowl.

2. Add a tablespoon of mayo per can of tuna.

3. Add in a 1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic per can of tuna.

4. Add in liberal amounts of sriracha. Stir until consistent.

6. Add in tuna – stir until consistent.

7. Sprinkle a bit more salt and pepper to your liking.

And that’s it! So, two very simple recipes that can be improved upon. Next post I will breakdown the Week 2 groceries. I believe I did a bit better – and I definitely kept these recipes in mind. Sriracha all the things!

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2 responses to “$35/Week – Week 1 Recipes: Sriracha All The Things”

  1. Paul says:

    Was it your leftover white rice in the fridge or ‘donated?’ Other than that, good job. I think I’ll use your tuna salad recipe – sounds like an idea to use less gloppy mayo and more flavour.

    • erik says:

      White rice was donated – leftover at work. Not something I’d buy. And yes, it’s surprising how little mayo you need for tuna salad.

      Thanks for checking out, Paul!

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