Week 4: Groceries In Review

Last week’s shop was a breakthrough.

It was the first time I took a lot of time to compile all the amazing suggestions and put them to good work.

The Internet, I must say, can be an awesome place. Complete strangers were nice enough to spend the time handing out amazing suggestions and advice – not only of what healthier foods can be obtained cheaply, but local shopping information as well. Seriously, Super 88 Market is now my go-to for produce.

It looks like research is backing up the need for a boost in fruits and vegetables, check out this research.

A funny thing happened this week as well – my carbs from rice, beans and whole wheat bread went down drastically. It also took me a whole week and a half to go through my peanut butter. I still have bread left over!

There are multiple reasons for this change:

1. Increase in variety from large boost in produce allowed me a lot more variety. Adding to the “quick and easy” stable was bananas and cucumbers.

2. I found some protein powder I had at work. Smoothies for days. I will be adding a recipe.

3. Heard and read that two renown ultra runners, Timothy Olson (Winner of the Western States 100) and Zach Bitter (100 mile distance record, under 12 hours!) both have relatively low carb diets. Found a couple blog posts from them to back that up. Zach, in particular, eats about 50% fat. Timothy Olson, a lot of chicken. Interestingly, both guys are from Wisconsin… hmm…

4. I cooked up a ton of vegetable omelettes. My eggs were gone rather quickly.

5. I ate out several times the past week. 3 – if you count some candy. One eat out was after a very long run. My complete lack of meat was a downer – and I went out for a burger. Will be searching for a great deal on meat for the next week.

This all happened will racking up the most training run miles I’ve ever ran – 74.1 miles. Maybe some of those famous ultra runners are on to something? I suppose it depends on the person. What do you think?

New record!

New record!


Looking at my list from Super 88 Market (the other stores were all staple buys):

Sriracha – 28 oz. bottle – $3.99
Great. Better deal than other places. Won’t have to buy my favorite hot sauce for a while.

Brown Onion – 1 – $1.03
Great – used a ton of onions in all my veggie omelettes among other things.

Russet Potatoes – Manager’s Special – ~3lb. – $2.00
Great. Tons of potatoes – and used them all. Made a great carb/starch alternative to all the Whole Wheat rice I had been consuming.

Bananas – Manager’s Special – 3 lb. – $1.00
Great. Used them all. Over ripe – so quickly threw them in smoothies. Perfect for that.

Green Bell Pepper – 1.20 lb. – $0.99/lb.
Great. A cheap pepper I could use in omelettes or just by itself with a little sriracha.

Tomatoes – Manager’s Special – 6 – $1.29 total
Not good. I only ate two out of six. A waste – I can’t find myself in love with tomatoes. I need to cut them up immediately, I think.

Cabbage – 1.91 lb. – $0.69/lb.
Eh. Have not eaten yet. Will force myself to try out a recipe. I do like cabbage – but not that much.

Red Cabbage – 1.59 lb. – $0.99/lb.
Eh. Same thing again with red cabbage.

Cucumber – 2 – $1/each
Great. Will buy again – used all the cucumbers – in omelettes, by themselves with olive oil, etc.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Week 5 is the finale – at least for a while. I’m excited to post a wrap-up that includes all the buys, calories consumed, miles run, body weight over time, etc.

I will be moving at the end of August. And while my new shopping habits are somewhat entrenched, creating blog posts is time consuming. The kicker will be next shopping trip should be able to last until the end of the month (approximately two weeks). Given what I still have in the reserves, I should actually be more than stocked!

I’m also gearing up for a trail 50K this Saturday – and will be running the Vermont 50 in a month and a half’s time. I will post recipes and experiments in this period – but no weekly reports. Week 5 Review coming soon! Oh, and I still promise I’ll drop a couple new recipes. Have thoughts? Please share!

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